CWC Royal Navy Diver quartz non dated (SP issued - Naval Contract) for sale!

This model has been made for a Naval contract and not for the civilian market!

EURO 350 by WIRE TRANSFER, Air Registered Mail is included, if you prefer a different shipping courier the cost will be added to the price!

I have no problem to mark it as: ".....", we go from there :-)

CWC comes with:

The battery life indicator means that the second hand will jump 2 seconds to tell you that the battery needs replacement.

Under the broad arrow there is SP instead of the watch's number and data issue, SP stands for a requirement for a naval contract that Silvermans Genuine Military did a few years ago, cutting a long story, it has been made for a special corp!.

Authenticity is proved by an email from Ron of Silvermans Military Genuine.

If interested, please do contact me at:

I will provide 3 pictures for your perusal and I can forward a copy of Silvermans' reply about my CWC (SP issued - Naval Contract)