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  1. Majetek Vojeske Spravy
  2. Cool short movie
  3. Classy number from the Canadians....
  4. South African Air Force Issued watch site.
  5. Junghans J88
  6. I think I just bought this Bund....
  7. Been volunteering on the USS Iowa and I just donated a ships clock to them
  8. 1981 CWC RN Diver
  9. ATG's Father National Service pics
  10. Excellent Battle of Britain programme..
  11. Issue Divers Watch History
  12. Just added this to the collection
  13. Foreign Legion Watch
  14. An issued Gen-1 with a tale to tell
  15. Most I seen a Heuer Bund sell for
  16. Junghans 88/0110 picked up
  17. GUB anyone owned one of these..?
  18. Hamilton G.S.
  19. Cheap little Leonidas
  20. Russian Metal Detectors getting busy..
  21. Heuer bund: opinions pls
  22. CWC-1970 remake-opinions please
  23. Dazzle Ships...
  24. Nice Longines
  25. Hanhart Pointer Project
  26. You think you are having a
  27. Eulit Bund strap
  28. Merry Christmas from Alistair.. what did you get? Post here!
  29. Was this ever German WWII Issue..?
  30. Some thing I just added to the collection
  31. Just found out the other day my Dad a WW2 vet has passed away
  32. JLC WWW on the boards...
  33. 1944 wear...
  34. Danger Close...
  35. Flieger - and Beobachtungsuhren
  36. WWII POW Rolex
  37. Lanco Flieger..
  38. Soviet Bomber on Ebay
  39. Often overlooked... and reasonable...
  40. US Navy WW2 Navigation instruments
  41. Reasonable 'Weems' on the bay
  42. Monochrome.nl Article about WWII Luftwaffe watches
  43. Vixa
  44. My Dads shadow box
  45. OT - Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown recounts his flying experiences
  46. D-Day 70 Years on...
  47. Minerva Bombadier Timer Very Cool and Very Rare!
  48. P-38F Lightning "Glacier Girl" being recovered after 50 years under 265 feet of ice.
  49. Vintage Panerais at Harrods, September 2014
  50. OT: not watches but vintage gun project.. pretty interesting...
  51. Wikki Has a list of all Military Air Crashes..
  52. I got some thing comming from Germany
  53. What do you think of this on Ebay
  54. Here is a cool thread from the MWR forum
  55. Have any of you visited the memorial WW1 poppy field
  56. Some stuff I added to my WW2 collection not watches I think they are cool
  57. I saw American Sniper Tonight
  58. Rhula Nva ?
  59. Soviet Cold War Propaganda Article from TED
  60. Incredible WWII story about a Chivalrous Pilots German Pilot
  61. WW2 German U-Boat clock
  62. Hanhart Cal. 41 WHO CAN FIX IT?
  63. 1911 Interesting combo
  64. A good story about pilot watches
  65. Newbie
  66. Issued Precista 93 Dive Watch
  67. Interesting military Watch shot
  68. Very rare Fortis Military Hifi-matic
  69. Just picked this up Glycine Airman Special
  70. A little bit of Military Flieger
  71. I think everyone needs one of these...
  72. Rather a Specific Service on Ebay these days..
  73. Albanian Defence Ministry Auction - Get your jets here !
  74. Super Rare Japanese Military watch
  75. Some thing just in RAF issued Omega 6B/542 53
  76. A cool strap for military issued or vintage diver watches
  77. German WWII DH Omega... you think?
  78. Help with jardur 960 bezel
  79. Universal A. Cairelli
  80. Got a new incoming issued CWC 6BB chronograph
  81. Interesting Russian piece
  82. WWII Glashutte Fliegers Post here....please
  83. Military Recycling
  84. This from Forbes - Danish Special Forces and Linde Werdelin
  85. Nato and IWC ? Not seen often
  86. Heur Chrono Leonidas Movement - Real or Frankenwatch?
  87. Italian Lemania Deck Watch
  88. Above and below sea-level
  89. Incoming Zenith Special Pilot watch
  90. WW2 RAF Officers Mess mantle clock
  91. Seikosha Tensoku aka Seikosha Kamikaze:
  92. Added another Chelsea ships clock
  93. Incomming WW1 Zenith Signal Corps USA issued wristlet
  94. WW2 Lemania Stopwatch
  95. German Military issued Junghans Bund
  96. COSD Longines Tuna Can
  97. Changes in Heuer Bunds prices since I bought mine
  98. Merry christmas! One and all
  99. WW1 US Navy Chelsea Deck Clock No.2
  100. Thoughts on this Series 2 Lemania Single Pusher chronograph
  101. Incoming Hamilton Model 21 Ships chronometer
  102. Hanhart chronograph from Battle of Britain period
  103. Just in Hamilton Hamilton 6B -9101000 H
  104. Let's see your military issued Hamiltons
  105. My RAF collection
  106. newbie question
  107. Gallet Foreign Legion