I just picked this up the last watch added to the collection this year. This looks like the earlier dial version with out the star made in the 1950's. It's shows it's age and will need a service the sweep hand will need to be cleaned up and repainted and I noticed the minute repeater hand was a replacement probably a Hanhart hand so on the hunt for a hand but it still looks OK. I think these are the best bang for the buck got it under 2000 US a Heuer or Hanhart Bund double that these days. It even has a original bund leather strap not a remake that also shows it age the back pad will need a repair. I was once looking for a 1958 birth year issued watch and told Junghans Bund could be one but the info on the net all over the place same in books 1950's - 1960's these were issued any way to date these with movement serial numbers ?

My three Bunds now I have all three hand wind versions.