I personally don't own any firearms but glad to know there is someone out there offering a good service.. LINK

This Auction is for the Rebuild Service of the Crosman MK 1 Or MK 2
When we rebuild the MK we disassemble, and if needed soak in a water base cleaner then use a brush to remove all old oil and grease, then we rinse 3 times dry with air then with a clean lint free cloth.we then remove the valve stem from the valve remove the old seal clean the valve install new valve stem seal and press the valve stem back on to the valve, we then check the valve stem to insure the stem is straight, simple we chuck it in a lathe and spin, if there is no woble its straight, with that done we clean the valve body and polish. then install a new seal on the valve body. we then clean the bolt install new seal. after that is done we disassemble the piercing assembly clean install new seal oil on the piecing pin and reassemble. After all this is complete we check the valve spring if its OK we assemble the gun connect it to a co2 tank fill with pressure fire it a few times, close the valve and let it sit overnight check the gauge to see if it has leaked, if all is good we grease the piercing pin assembly O-ring install a Co2 cartridge shoot over a chronograph print out the results staple them to the repair tag that is tied to your trigger guard and get it ready to ship.