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  1. WWII Glashutte Fliegers Post here....please

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    These are my favourite and I've never owned one... I am such a fool... I'd love one but they are going a bit mad price wise...

    Post them here if you see one.... cheers

  2. Bremont DH-88 Limited Edition Launch 29th June 2016

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    To commemorate the de Havilland 1934 and to raise funds for the Shuttleworth Collection, Bremont introduces the ‘Limited Edition Bremont DH-88’ chronometer, a special timepiece which has been painstakingly handcrafted in the company’s workshops in England and in an elegant style reminiscent of that wonderful 1930s era. The 282 stainless steel and 82 rose gold cases
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  3. Engaved Art from Speake Marin

  4. A coffee with the Bremont Boeing 1 Cream Dial (and extra sugar)

  5. Salon QP - a few photos and views

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    Al and I went to Salon QP on Friday.
    Thanks to Al for extending his invite to me, for the event, the preview showing of the film about Jack Heuer, and the cocktail evening.

    It was great fun.

    As you would expect, one of the first stops was at the Bremont stand.

    In no particular order, my highlights there were:

    The Jaguar E-Type Ltd ed - one each will be provided to the owners of the new cars.

    The faithful reproduction of the E-Type
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