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Thread: Aquadive - vintage!

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    Default Aquadive - vintage!

    The re-emergence of Aquadive as a new company has put a fire under me to get photos of my vintage pieces. Although I understand that the build quality of the new watches is superb, I think I'll always prefer the vintage watches. Here's what I've got in my PB account, but the sun is out today and I reckon I might make more photos to add soon

    First up is a nice little orange-dial (Scotchlite, as this model had) women's diver. I sold it off to a mate whose wife is a diver, but I wish I hadn't - it's a very cool watch, not in the least because of the fenestrated metal bracelet:

    The men's version of the Flying Saucer, which came in orange, blue and black. The orange and blue used the Scotchlite dial, but the black is just gloss black.

    The model number designations on the vintage Aquadives are a chocolate mess. The "Flying Saucer" is marked either 709 or 709-1 on the reverse, but the paperwork on the watches which are NOS says Model 1065.

    Then there's the Time Depth Model 50. It's another one that came in a variety of colors and uses a case that was employed by other makers (e.g. Rotary).

    Another 1000m model (model # unknown) in a familiar case (used by Jenny and one or two others) and using a Scotchlite dial.

    Will get to work on more Aquadive 'show and tell'!
    Cheers all, Colin

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    Some nice vintage Aquadive you all ways amaze me with what you have in your collection.

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    Here's a link on a Aquadive 50 restoration did not know they were that hard to service.

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    Great pics, look forward to more.
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    great shots Col... I like the model 50... very cool!
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    I have seen the Aquadive watches pictures which you shared over here. I must say that they all watches are looking tremendous. The first sequence of timepieces being presented in 2011/ 2012 is partly created of authentic Aquadive new old inventory elements. The AQUADIVE 200 NOS classic scuba diver case and amazingly are new old inventory, activity and gaskets are new and Swiss made.


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