I just acquired a used Bremont MB, but the previous owner had wrists on the small side while I have wrists on the large side. I'd love to trade my Small and Regular sized original Bremont straps one-to-one for Long or Extra Long, but will also sell directly if need be. Here's what on the block:

1) Leather, Black w/White Stitching, 22mm, REG - Moderately worn and with 1 extra hole punched - Length is Regular (fits 15 - 19 cm wrists) - US$125
2) Leather, Black w/Orange Stitching, 22mm, REG - LIGHTLY worn - Length is Regular (fits 15 - 19 cm wrists) - US$145
3) Rubber, Temple Island, Black, 22mm, SHORT - NEVER WORN - Length is Short (fits 13.5 17.5 cm wrists) - US$165

For both leather ones, I'm not sure if they are the regular straps or the "Norton" but assuming regular since they both look identical and the Norton doesn't come in orange stitching.

What's Included | Just the strap. No pins. No buckles.

Payment Method | PAYPAL, and I'll eat the fees
Location | Honolulu, HI, USA - can work out something for shipping costs, depending upon where buyer resides
Photos | Bremont Straps - Album on Imgur

Anyone interested? Let's make a trade or deal. I need Bremont size Long/XLong straps, so would prefer to trade directly 1:1, but will also sell directly to fund purchase of new strap. Or, if you have Long/XLong Bremont straps in 22mm, I'm buying!